2Crazy brings professional poker player Jeff Gross onboard to create a comprehensive gaming experience

August 23, 2021 0 Comments

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Gaming platforms have garnered massive attention due to the advent of NFTs. From what looked like a casual competition has transitioned to worldwide tournaments with top gamers joining the space. The evolution of this multi-million dollar industry has attracted the likes of celebrity stardom and eye-watering sums creating the best action in the NFT sphere. Diverse NFT platforms have bought in real use-cases in the quest to develop sophisticated gaming & e-sports experience.

According to DappRadar, the total NFT sales volume stands over $2.5 billion in Q1 2021. The NFTs have exploded in popularity, and now it’s time to usher in the new era of gaming experiences. Online gaming & e-sports have been one of the significant sources of passive income, providing high-level satisfaction to the users from the comfort of their desktops. The integration of NFTs in the gaming arena has created immersive virtual experiences that have gained traction in full swing, a collective mania for NFT enthusiasts and sportive players.

The creators behind 2Crazy revealed that as part of their latest alliance, star poker player Jeff Gross would be joining their platform as a global ambassador and the brand’s face to drive mainstream adoption of NFTs in the gaming sphere. 2Crazy is known for creating realistic experiences for users by launching unique NFTs by some of the biggest sports tournaments and leagues, along with personalized merchandise. To unlock the potential of 2Crazy, users can leverage the native $2CRZ tokens enjoying various perks associated with it. Currently, 2Crazy is operational on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks and aims to expand in the future.

Poker to NFTs, Jeff Gross to officially endorse 2Crazy

With hundreds of NFT platforms popping daily, it is a visual representation of how the NFT mania has taken place by the fire. Celebrity & Sports endorsements have managed to catch the enthusiasm of the buyers and have resulted in billions of dollars of revenue. 2Crazy has an intuitive platform allowing users to purchase digital collectibles and fun moments in the effortless way possible.

As per the latest news, the collaboration of Jeff Gross with the 2Crazy platform will fuel mainstream adoption in the crypto space as the star player will amass an enthusiastic audience from his community to flock to the 2Crazy platform. Poker enthusiasts, amateur players, and professional gamers will now be able to experience the world of NFTs. Jeff Gross has a proven record of bagging several tournament championships and has recorded a whopping $5.5 million in revenue through his poker playoffs. He has been an active proponent of his game on the native Twitch Channel with over 87K subscribers and millions of views. Currently, the channel has a library of over 140 videos that a user can access.

Jeff Gross has entered into collaboration with various brands as an ambassador resulting in driving the overall credibility of 2Crazy. He has gained immense popularity on social channels like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and others. Jeff Gross has in-depth experience in live tournaments and online tournaments and has managed to take over the hearts of the audiences through his breathtaking performances.

With 2Crazy witnessing a bright future on e-sports in the NFTverse, the solid partnership with Jeff will drive more awareness and global connections to the platform. 2Crazy aims to bridge the gap between player-superstars and fans, thus bringing in the sense of closeness in the gaming arena.

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