Afghanistan’s Economic Crisis: ‘No One Has Money’ Says Afghani Banker After US Seized Central Bank’s Assets

August 28, 2021 0 Comments

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Afghanistan's Economic Crisis: 'No One Has Money' Says Afghani Banker After US Seized Central Bank's Assets

The troubles in Afghanistan rage on after the U.S. government spent 20 years and trillions of dollars on a conflict that was never resolved. The U.S. government, Federal Reserve, and allied partners have seized the central bank of Afghanistan’s assets and as time passes, the country’s citizens have run out of money. Regional reports show that “no one has money” after the U.S. seizure and under the current Taliban rule.

Afghani Citizens Can’t Afford Daily Expenses as Money Runs Dry

Years ago U.S. president George W. Bush initiated a war and occupation in Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East over so-called threats of “weapons of mass destruction” and terrorism. The occupation dragged on well after Bush and Obama and Trump kept the military-industrial complex going strong. The Afghanistan War has been America’s longest foreign battle, exceeding Vietnam.

While the Biden administration claims to be removing troops and ending the conflict, thousands of troops remain, and the U.S. has initiated airstrikes against alleged insurgents after the disaster at the Kabul airport.

Just recently, News reported on the fact that not only is the U.S. not ending the conflict in a peaceful fashion, it is also leveraging weapons of financial warfare against Afghanistan. The U.S. government revealed that the Federal Reserve and other financial partners have confiscated $10 billion worth of Afghani assets that belong to the country’s central bank.

Following that report, this week, reports show that the Afghani people have zero money thanks to the asset confiscation. Speaking about the situation, a central bank of Afghanistan employee stressed:

No one has money.

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Anonymous Economic Source: ‘A Stack of Cards Is About to Come Down’

The employee from Afghanistan’s central bank said that people have run out of cash. The employee spoke anonymously over safety fears. The central bank representative said that paychecks have stopped and Afghani families have zero daily spending money. Afghanistan’s banks have been closed and the Taliban wants them open, but reports say the bank is out of assets entirely. “You’ve got a stack of cards that is about to come down,” another anonymous source explained. “As soon as you open the banks, it will expose how fragile the system is.”

The reports highlight how the “Biden administration swiftly blocked the Taliban from accessing the billions of dollars held by the central bank in the United States.” In addition to the U.S. and allied confiscation of $10 billion in assets, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) halted $450 million in funds that were meant to be distributed to Afghanistan. The World Bank has also frozen the Afghanistan central bank’s access to monetary support.

After leaving Afghanistan an utter wasteland, the U.S., the Biden administration, and mainstream media have shown no accountability for America’s actions that took place over the last 20 years of worthless warfare. Countless deaths of innocents and trillions of dollars were spent by the U.S. government only to replace the Taliban with the current Taliban.

An economic source familiar with the situation in Afghanistan told CNN this week that a crisis will likely happen. “Very quickly, this is going to get very bad,” the individual said. “I have many wishes… all of them are going to die. We are moving towards a hopeless future.”

What do you think about the U.S. actions against Afghanistan and how the people have run out of funds? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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