Crypto Exchange Phemex Names Manchester City Kevin de Bruyne As Brand Ambassador

June 8, 2022 0 Comments

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Manchester City football star Kevin de Bruyne has been announced as the official brand ambassador for cryptocurrency exchange, Phemex. The move mirrors that of many others in the crypto space who have ventured into the sports stage and vice versa. As a top-rated footballer, de Bruyne is loved and adored by many worldwide, and his impact on the sport of football is immeasurable. This makes the partnership with Phemex a force to be reckoned with.

The Singapore-based crypto exchange revealed that the footballer will be joining the platform as a worldwide image representative and brand ambassador. de Bruyne explained that he has been interested in the crypto market for a while and the offer from Phemex was received with great excitement.

“My interest in cryptocurrency has been growing for a while now and I am thrilled Phemex asked me to join forces with them,” said de Bruyne. “I have been really impressed with Jack and his team and I am really looking forward to supporting their journey to further develop and explore the future of cryptocurrency.”

The partnership will see the football star working with Phemex across various projects such as the Phemex Citizen. This is a novel product from the crypto exchange that is aimed at educating families and expanding their understanding of the innovative elements of crypto. de Bruyne’s globally recognized image will help to further teach new users to be able to discover the unique opportunities presented by crypto.

Jack Tao, CEO of Phemex, lauded de Bruyne’s skills, saying; “Kevin De Bruyne is an impeccable footballer who continually adjusts to a game’s circumstance and always makes the right play.”

“Along these lines, Phemex hopes to set a precedent and be the quintessential playmaker in the crypto business similarly like Kevin. We anticipate cooperation to exhibit how our comprehensive and easy-to-use platform empowers users to break through and break free in their financial journey,” Tao added.

Crypto Made Easy With Phemex

Despite being only a little over two years old, Phemex has quickly become a favorite among crypto traders. The platform’s unwavering commitment to provide only the best experience for its users has paid off as its user base has grown north of two million in such a short time. This, coupled with the numerous learning tools provided by the crypto exchange, makes it an invaluable trading platform for both new and seasoned crypto users.

Phemex was founded by Jack Tao along with seven other co-founders who were experts in the field of traditional finance. However, seeing the limitations presented by TradFi to users, they founded Phemex in a bid to help accelerate the growth and maturity of the crypto space.

The crypto exchange’s mission remains to break barriers to entry for everyone who wishes to enter the crypto space. Its cutting-edge crypto exchange service and easy-to-use interface help to engage users to take advantage of the possibilities of the crypto market. It presents a world with an equal and fair opportunity, where privilege and exclusivity do not exist.




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