Crypto Veterans Start NFTs: Waltonchain Mystery Box Review

August 25, 2021 0 Comments

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Today I’m showing you an event from a Chinese IoT + Blockchain public chain that was listed on Binance as early as 2017. Waltonchain went silent for some time and then revealed a new roadmap featuring NFTs in early 2021. In line with their roadmap, now they officially do NFTs.

Official Announcement


Brief Introduction of Waltonchain

Waltonchain is an open-source underlying public chain for the commercial ecosystem. It is an IoT project that integrates blockchain with RFID, advocates serving the real economy and promotes Industry 4.0. The project coin is WTC. Website: They are on CMC, too:

In November 2019, Waltonchain issued the autonomous ecosystem token WTA on their mainnet. WTA is a child chain token that earns collateral interest. WTC holders lock some WTC in WTA App and get WTA payouts. See details in their Blue Paper:

Now, let’s talk business. Waltonchain has a cute brand mascot KiWa. It is used in this NFT draw. The rules are very straightforward. You can get 1 KiWa Mystery Box of random color for 1,000 WTA (the child chain tokens). KiWa comes in three colors. A purple one can be exchanged for 100 WTC, a blue one for 50 WTC, a green one for 10 WTC, respectively. Mystery boxes are limited to 1,000 pieces in Round 1.

The current market prices are $0.9 for WTC and $0.007 for WTA (the ratio is 128 WTA to 1 WTC). In this event, one can get at least 10 WTC for 1,000 WTA. This gives 100:1 ratio, which is higher than what you can get in the market. The project is saying they want to give back to the community, which sounds true. The number of prizes is limited, so first come first served. WTC is listed on top exchanges like Binance, Huobi, OKEx etc., so the project looks legit.

  1. How to get WTA?

As said above, you can lock WTC in WTA App to get WTA. This is an option to get WTA free of charge, provided you already have WTC. Get WTA App here: Direct download:

App Store:
Google Play:

What about new users? I found out that earlier this year WTA was listed on You can buy WTA there directly:

When I browsed through the Waltonchain community, I found out that there are many WTA holders. If the depth and price on are not good for you, you might as well turn to the community to buy WTA over-the-counter (do this at your own risk).

  1. How to get Jackpot?
    If you just want to join one event round for a try to get WTC for WTA, go ahead to the website. The thing is, if you collect three different colors of KiWa (purple, blue and green), you can get a Jackpot of 10 bonus WTC, so it may be thoughtful to gather more KiWas before exchanging them to be able to collect the Jackpot first.

Waltonchain has an active international community. If you got a KiWa (especially the rare purple one), you could resell it to someone who wishes to join all Mystery Box rounds and collect all the available colors.

  1. How to collect 9 KiWa colors and win 1 ETH
    This is the first round with a 20,000 WTC prize pool in a series. In the coming rounds, a total of 9 KiWa colors will be offered. According to the rules, if you collect KiWas in 9 different colors, you can exchange them for 1 ETH. If you also have a Jackpot, you get double rewards. As I see it, you can gamble with 10 WTC for a chance to win 1 ETH. Worth a try.

Key takeaways:

The project will support NFT exchange indefinitely, so it could be more profitable to keep the rare NFTs a bit longer. You could always trade them for WTC officially or maybe even for a higher price OTC in the community.

Best of luck with NFTs!


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