New Cryptocurrency “EverGrow Coin” has Paid Over $20 Million in Rewards Within the First 6 Weeks

November 9, 2021 0 Comments

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EverGrow Coin, ​​ A new cryptocurrency launched 6 weeks ago is the fastest-growing project in Crypto-history and recently also became the most rewarding! EverGrow Coin has paid over $20 million to its holders. Unlike many projects that pay their holders in the native token, EverGrow changed the game by rewarding their holders in a stable, regulated currency, Binance-pegged US dollars. This means that regardless of any fluctuations in the value of their Crypto holdings, EverGrow Coin investors are receiving a regular, viable passive income.

Upon popular request, the EverGrow dev team launched a dashboard where investors could track rewards paid to all EverGrow holders –

A few days later the team also launched their EverSwap feature, where users can connect their Trust Wallet or Metamask wallet, and directly purchase and Swap tokens –

Beyond this, EverGrow has burned over 50% of the total supply of their token, meaning these coins are permanently removed from circulation and do not receive rewards. Many projects burn coins, but generally, those burned coins still receive rewards or ‘reflections’. With EverGrow rewards only going to coin in circulation, this means people are receiving around double the rewards of a comparable project.

The EverGrow project is not, however, just about rewards. Right from launch, the team behind EverGrow Coin talked about the importance for a project to have true utility to provide long-term value and are launching several platforms in the coming weeks. These utilities include the world’s first decentralized NFT lending platform. Built on BSC, the platform will allow NFT owners to readily borrow against their NFTs as collateral at fair interest rates without selling them. The team is also launching an NFT marketplace, play-to-earn games, and the world’s first crypto-integrated creators’ space, that many experts believe could rival OnlyFans and Patreon.

With a current market cap around one-fifth of that of Safemoon and over fifty times smaller than Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, many analysts are identifying EverGrow Coin as THE value investment in the cryptoverse for 2021.


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