New DeFi Platform Worthpad Connects Innovators And Investors

November 10, 2021 0 Comments

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Worthpad is rolling out a new incubator, accelerator, and self-launcher that creates an entirely new system of wealth generation and funding for innovation. Worthpad is unleashing native $WORTH tokens, and recently announced a new content creator program for the platform.

The platform operates as a decentralized, multi-chain IDO that connects investors in the $WORTH token with early-stage innovators and projects. $WORTH holders have premium access to seed rounds, presales and private sales of projects engaging in crypto. Users can also stake $WORTH tokens and earn tokens of all projects incubated and accelerated on the Worth IDO Launchpad. This is a passive income stream and it will generate wealth for the users till they keep staking $WORTH tokens.

The Worthpad Ecosystem

The cyclical wealth generation and new funding ecosystem that Worthpad is curating can be explained within six major buckets: the $WORTH token, the Worth DVC Fund, the Worth IDO Launchpad, the platform’s Smart Contract Foundry, Worth DEX, and the Insurance Treasury.

The $WORTH token funds and powers liquidity pools, with the opportunity to provide investors with passive income and bonus rewards. The DVC fund is funded by a 2.5% tax on all $WORTH transactions on the network and acts as the lead investor for selected projects for incubation and acceleration.

So how are those projects selected? That takes us to the IDO Launchpad, which serves as the primary incubation and funding tool, while still offering professional guidance, collaborative efforts, and marketing expertise for young projects. The IDO is compensated in tokens for accelerated projects that it has funded.

This is all connected via the Smart Contract Foundry. The foundry ensures that the platform maintains a status quo of secure, audited, and easily-deployed token smart contracts, with open source code for user transparency.

Meanwhile, the platform has been building a decentralized exchange, or DEX, to be operable on both Ethereum and Binance chains. The DEX will also operate with major established DEXs already on the market. The DEX will include an off-chain order book for high-frequency traders in order to minimize transaction fees, as well as an AMM aggregator to optimize prices for users.

Finally, we get to the Insurance Treasury, which acts as a project safety deposit box. The treasury locks $WORTH tokens until the project is complete. Worthpad describes the treasury as “the most critical risk management feature of the entire ecosystem.”

These tools collectively form an ecosystem that is an unparalleled incubator and accelerator program for entrepreneurs, project developers, and investors.

Worthpad: Looking Forward

Worthpad is providing innovators and entrepreneurs with opportunity by way of its incubator, geared towards concept-stage startups, as well as through Worth’s accelerator, which is building upon high-growth startups looking to scale and grow. DeFi and crypto projects on the cusp of substantial growth have never been so easy to invest in as they are now.

The platform most recently announced its Content Creator Program, aimed to onboard content creators to the Worthpad ecosystem. The 2021 Q4 roadmap includes a full-scale $WORTH token rollout, liquidity pool creation, staking, and a target goal of five projects to incubate and accelerate.

Looking into early 2022, that project target will double each quarter, and the platform will roll out initial versions of the Worth DVC Fund, Worth Smart Contract Foundry, Worth Insurance Treasury, and more.

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