New Spring 2021 cohort of 12 crypto projects announced for CoinList Seed

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CryptoNinjas » New Spring 2021 cohort of 12 crypto projects announced for CoinList Seed

CoinList, a full-stack solution and service platform for crypto-assets, today introduced the Spring 2021 batch of CoinList Seed projects. Accordingly, If you are a team or developer working on a distributed web project, you can find out more information at

“DeFi continues to be the dominant category in this batch, with 4 of the 12 projects represented from within the category. Beyond DeFi, NFTs and data continue to have a presence while one of the more interesting trends is the emergence of startups building up the stack in newer ecosystems, specifically Arweave and Celo.”
– The CoinList Team

12 Projects Announced for Spring 2021 CoinList Seed

1. ImpactMarket – ImpactMarket is an open and decentralized anti-poverty infrastructure that enables any community to deploy mechanisms like Unconditional Basic Income for their beneficiaries, accounting for 26% of all USD transfers on the Celo Network.

2. Coinburp – Coinburp is the “Coinbase for NFTs.” It is an NFT-first crypto wallet connecting the worlds of CeFi to DeFi.

3. Dropstab – DropsTab is a cryptocurrency market tracker for prices, capitalization, charts, portfolio, analytics, and much more. Originally founded by the ICODrops team.

4. – Exponent is the first decentralized asset management platform that offers a turn-key infrastructure for quant strategists to set up shop “on the fly” and monetize in DeFi.

5. – Handle is the global DeFi FX protocol, allowing users to create and exchange multi-currency stablecoins.

6. Koi – The Koi Protocol enables cross-chain applications to scale seamlessly, and provides simple solutions for integrated incentives.

7. Matrix – Matrix uses gamification to boost monetization and engagement for e-sport teams, creators, and digital brands. Crypto is then used to extend this system in previously impossible ways.

8. MonoX- A DEX where project owners can list their tokens without the burden of capital requirements and focus on using funds for building the project instead of providing liquidity.

9. Sarcophagus – Sarcophagus is an autonomous, incentivized dead man’s switch application built on Ethereum and Arweave.

10. Stargaze – Stargaze is a decentralized social protocol that integrates universal creator income (UCI), NFTs, and creator coins.

11. Verida – Verida is a network of personal data owned and controlled by users, incentivizing them to unlock their data stored on centralized platforms. Builders access this data for new exciting use cases.

12. Yolorekt – YOLOrekt enables traders to enter into short-term price prediction on crypto-assets like WBTC & ETH while rewarding liquidity providers with in-game fees and $YOLO tokens.

CryptoNinjas » New Spring 2021 cohort of 12 crypto projects announced for CoinList Seed

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