SKALE Network “Denali” upgrade now live offering high-speed and low costs to Ethereum

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CryptoNinjas » SKALE Network “Denali” upgrade now live offering high-speed and low costs to Ethereum

SKALE Network, an Ethereum native multichain network built to help Ethereum Dapps scale to more users with lower costs and better performance, today announced the completion of the “Denali” mainnet upgrade for SKALE Network.

With 46 validator organizations and 153 nodes completing the upgrade, this is the first major upgrade following the October 1st Kilimanjaro mainnet launch. This makes SKALE Network the only live, in-production multichain network that works in a natively integrated manner with Ethereum.

As gas fees rise and congestion continues to take its toll on the growth of the Ethereum network, consumers and developers alike are looking for fast, scalable, secure decentralized solutions.

In order to satisfy that demand, developers need access to a highly decentralized, execution layer that will specifically tie into the Ethereum mainnet and leverage the large ecosystem of tools and tech they’re already familiar with. Developers are looking to provision their own dapp specific blockchain, so they can get the flexibility they need to react to their user demands and growth projections.

With its native Ethereum multichain architecture, SKALE offers a fast, free to users/gasless, Ethereum orchestrated blockchain solution that can be deployed quickly without having to learn any new tooling.

Denali is SKALE’s latest network upgrade and includes several key components.

The most important is the ability to deploy Dapps with gasless transactions at sub ½ second block times at incredibly high throughput, newly audited smart contracts, and advanced chain functionality.

It additionally includes the next phase of SKALE Network’s modular framework, which will allow for greater configuration and upgradability for decentralized applications.

Lastly, developers gain NFT support, where dApps can create NFTs on SKALE Chains at no cost and with billions of dollars of stake supporting their security.

“The SKALE Denali upgrade will be a critical ingredient to catalyzing the growth of blockchains and decentralized systems. Poor user experience has been a hurdle to mass adoption thus far. SKALE removes that friction by significantly lowering costs and creating a high-performance experience for decentralized applications.”
– Sterling Witzke, senior advisor to Winklevoss Capital, a SKALE early supporter

The goal of the SKALE Network is to bring Ethereum to billions of users globally. SKALE’s new modular architecture is a key upgrade and means that developers will be able to make an even greater impact on the Ethereum ecosystem. They will be able to utilize services like oracles, bridges, and analytics offerings from a variety of best-of-breed providers.

With 130 developers currently in the SKALE innovator program, many will begin deployment after the Denali upgrade. Key recent Dapps supporting SKALE include Minds,, Bondly, Human Protocol, and CryptoCrusades, which represent a range of different use cases for SKALE.

CryptoNinjas » SKALE Network “Denali” upgrade now live offering high-speed and low costs to Ethereum

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