Squidanomics is the Next-gen Metaverse Ecosystem

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There are many movies with thrilling life and death experiences, but we can agree that the Netflix hit series, Squid Game, is unique for its mind-blowing games and the irresistible reward attached to them. Through the eyes of the many Squid Game fans and a bid to seize a growing market opportunity, Squidanomics sees the worlds of gaming and crypto as a way to blend virtual play with handsome token rewards. The community-driven project lets anyone from anywhere have the chance to make real money by participating in simple and addictive games.

The term “metaverse” sounds new to many, especially after Facebook announced their re-branding; but it’s actually been around for a while. Loosely defined, the metaverse encompasses virtual experiences that are accessible and interactive in real-time by all of its human participants.

So what is Squidanomics, and how do they plan to create a next-gen metaverse ecosystem?

Introducing Squidanomics

Launched on October 18th by an identifiable team based between Canada and the United States, Squidanomics ($SQUID) is a reward-based token on the Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”). Just as it’s called, it combines the Squid Game concept (the viral TV show) with incentivized tokenomics to create rewards for both holders and players.

SQUID holders get auto-claim reflections in BUSD (the main stable coin of the Binance Smart Chain) on every buy and sell transaction of the token itself on BSC. Squidanomics encompasses NFT into its gaming metaverse which also incentivizes token holders with rewards. This combination of a true hold-to-play and play-to-earn gaming ecosystem makes SQUID the most rewarding token on the Binance Smart Chain to date

What makes Squidanomics Unique?

Squidanomics is looking to explore the hottest trends in the crypto space with long-standing firepower to live beyond the trends while maintaining their goal as the most rewarding token on BSC. The team is committed to revolutionizing NFT utility and creating more incentive for holders. But what makes Squidanomics unique by a long shot apart from the tasty rewards is the fact that the token already has built-in utility.

Unlike most projects that first launch with promises of utility later, a lot of utilities were ready-to-go at launch for the $SQUID community. Token holders and players are already getting their BUSD rewards thanks in part to the release of their 2D knife battle game that requires players to hold $SQUID token. $SQUID players are also encouraged to get engaged in tournaments for large BUSD prizes; and there is more to come.

Hold to Earn

Squidanomics let users earn rewards in BUSD simply by holding the $SQUID token. Holders are incentivized with advantages in the games and able to earn more prizes in the giveaways. Players must hold some $SQUID to participate and receive the BUSD rewards distributed to tournament players. More holding in high volume means more BUSD reflections and rewards.

Play to Earn

With a quality gap in the current play-to-earn games on the Binance Smart Chain, Squidanomics offers a more interesting and entertaining project that appeals to experienced gamers and expert game developers. Unlike the Squid Game movie, Squidanomics’ play-to-earn model allows investors and gamers to earn more in BUSD without the life or death condition of course. Squidanomics leverages the cheap gas fees of the Binance Smart Chain to let anybody participate and earn amazing BUSD prizes to change their lives.

Hold to Play & NFT Utility

In the metaverse, everything is a digital asset. More than just a gaming and BUSD rewards token, Squidanomics is an asset-powered platform that enables NFT holders to get access to exclusive benefits and above all, give a unique and engaging experience. The utility potential for NFTs extends far beyond just aesthetic appeal. All Squidanomics NFTs are beautiful and masterfully hand-drawn by talented artists.

The different class of NFTs will give the Squidanomics community an additional layer of benefits. For instance, diamond hand holders get special NFTs that grant holders power-ups and unique appearances in the game metaverse. Another special class boost rewards gained in different Telegram games by the holders of the NFTs, creating a special and interesting hold-to-earn and play-to-earn crossover within the ecosystem.

There is also a 1 of 100 “dagger” NFT that gives owners access to a secret telegram group with a chance to earn BNB and BUSD rewards for playing simple games. This just shows how important it is for the team to make Suidanomics into the most rewarding token yet.

The SQUID Token

Already live and trading on Pancakeswap and other exchanges, the $SQUID token has a total supply of 1 Quadrillion with liquidity locked for 3 months. Launched at an initial market cap of $97,000, it’s currently trading above$1.8m market cap at the time of writing and setting new all-time highs weekly.$SQUID is already listed on Coinmarketcap, with a Coingecko listing and bridging to other networks like Solana to come.

Token Economics:

5% Tax for BUSD reflections to holders
5% Marketing fund for perpetual growth
3% Liquidity Tax for rising price floor
2% Developer Tax for continued innovation

The Future of Reward-Based Gaming

Since the launch, a fan-based token turned into a project that is positioned to revolutionize the blockchain gaming and metaverse ecosystem, with thousands of holders joining each week. The main focus is a 2D shooter game that will be mobile and controller compatible! There will be more characters, skins and accessories released with it. There will be more games and utility developed for gamers and NFT holders.

With existing key partnerships and more to come, Squidanomics takes a popular rewards token concept to the next level. They aim to become a one-stop gaming hub in the crypto metaverse space and also revolutionize the NFT utility model.



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