Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments on Your Website with ALFAcoins

August 17, 2021 0 Comments

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ALFAcoins is a cryptocurrency processing service that offers merchants the option to receive payments on their websites via cryptocurrencies. It offers customers the option to receive payments in six top cryptocurrencies. Supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DSH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ripple (XRP).

Cryptoprocessing provides industries like igaming, gambling, e-sports, and betting a trustless alternative to current payment providers, who charge higher fees due to these industries being considered “high-risk.”

With cryptoprocessing, users are guaranteed a swift and more efficient payment method. While simultaneously providing their users the anonymity which is often desired in these industries.

Using ALFAcoins gives merchants the opportunity to manage things like their business statistics, payouts, and auto-withdrawal all in the same place. Merchants can see all of the stats for income, revenue, sales, dynamics, and selected payment methods when they use ALFAcoins.

Clients and employees can also be paid in cryptocurrencies using ALFAcoins and they can transfer cryptocurrencies to their wallets for no additional fee. Auto-withdrawals can be scheduled by the amount and the frequency can vary from daily, monthly, quarterly, to annual.

ALFAcoins Wallet And Merchant Services

ALFAcoins provides services for both individuals and merchants alike. Its transparent fee structure ensures that users know exactly what they are signing up for when they create a wallet. There are no hidden fees or charges associated with the service.

Users can choose to just operate a wallet with ALFAcoins and this carries zero deposit fees for crypto deposits and internal transfers.

Merchants can integrate ALFAcoins on their websites to enable them to receive crypto payments using APIs and IPNs, a simple payment button, or WordPress Shopping Cart plugins.

Payments on merchants’ websites attract a 0.99% fee, which can either be charged to the customer or paid by the merchant.

ALFAcoins provides safe transactions for users. There are no chargebacks or fraud, and volatility risks are mitigated by having exchange rates for all accepted cryptocurrencies fixed for 15 minutes following the creation of an invoice.

About ALFAcoins

The cryptoprocessing company was initially founded in 2013 as a Bitcoin payments processor, but it has since grown beyond just providing Bitcoin processing services. ALFAcoins has grown throughout the years to become a tested and trusted provider of cryptoprocessing services to merchants no matter what industry they are in.

ALFAcoins provides individuals and merchants a multi-functional, modern, and secure electronic payments system that is easy to use.

Getting Started

One look at the ALFAcoins website shows a simple and intuitive interface for users. Users can create and start using their accounts on ALFAcoins in one minute.

With competitive market conversion rates, users can be sure to get the best deal on their cryptocurrency conversions.

The multi-currency online wallet also provides secure storage for cryptocurrencies. And accounts are protected by Two-Factor Authentication, which is required to log into accounts.

In addition to accepting crypto payments, ALFAcoins also facilitates receiving cryptocurrency donations everywhere. Users can make crypto donations to organizations or causes they align with.

Donations usually carry a 0.5% fee, but users can contact ALFAcoins to get on a zero-fee plan when donating to charities or nonprofits.

ALFAcoins is currently available as a SaaS software and training is provided via documentation. The mission of ALFAcoins is a simple one; to make cryptocurrency payments easy and safe for every business.


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