Top 11 Marketing Experts in Crypto That Will Help To Take Your Business to the Next Level

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What is the difference between a good project and a successful one? Of course, it is the right marketing that allows to create a sustainable demand for the product, generate the inflow of new clients and show the competitive advantage of the company. Nowadays, not one of the cryptocurrency projects can succeed without well-thought-out and systematic marketing. We present here a list of the top 11 marketing experts that specialize in blockchain and cryptocurrencies and can turn your company into a unicorn.

Kiersten Hollars, Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing, Ripple

Kiersten Hollars is a true professional of the craft. Before joining Ripple, she managed communications and marketing in such companies as Ancestry, Dropbox, and Stitch Fix. In 2012, Kiersten was also a partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

Starting from the beginning of the last year, Ripple is going through tough times with ongoing litigation between the company and The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Despite that, you will not find negative feedback about the company in the media, but on the contrary, you will see that the community of the project supporters has grown. Much of the credit goes to the marketing director who professionally manages the communications in the crisis period.

Ales Kovalevich, CEO BDC Consulting

Ales Kovalevich has been working in the projects’ development in the real sector for a period of over 11 years, and in the cryptocurrency field for a period of over 6 years. During his career, he worked with such projects as Waves, OKEx, and many others. Apart from that BDC Consulting conducts cryptocurrency market research and supports crypto startups and companies at any stage of their development. The main areas of the specialization are strategic marketing, influence marketing, PR etc.

Garlam Won, ICONIZ

Garlam Won, the director of product development at ICONIZ, presents an outstanding example of how the right marketing and positioning helps to build not only a successful company but also a career. Won could not find a job for a long time but upon changing the strategy of his positioning he landed a job in Deloitte and took on leadership of the product development department at ICONIZ. Apart from that, Won is a frequent speaker of international blockchain events, writes articles and columns in global financial media.

Alexander Mamasidikov, cofounder & CMO at Mineplex Banking

Alexander Mamasidiov has been working on promoting cryptocurrency projects for over 5 years. During his career, the expert helped with the market entry for more than 72 cryptocurrency startups. He is rated among the top 20 blockchain entrepreneurs, according to Publish0x, an author of articles on digital marketing, blockchain, and fintech at Forbes and other major financial media. Alexander was among the first experts on the crypto market who started to test IEO and create products by following emerging trends and starting new ones. He developed the CrossFi technology that is widely discussed in Yahoo News, Bitcoinist etc.

Currently, Alexander is the CMO of the mobile crypto bank MinePlex CrossFi Banking that bridges traditional banking instruments with blockchain technology. Under his leadership, the project is regularly covered in global media: Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance etc. The professional work of the experts brings MinePlex to the position among fintech leaders by actively facilitating the community growth and scaling in more than 70 countries.

Tatyana Gorelikova, PR Lead Binance in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries

For over 15 years, Tatyana has been working on the promotion of the companies in the telecom sector (mobile content market), gaming industry (console, PC, social, and mobile games), fintech and blockchain projects in the field of marketing and communications. In June 2020,  Tatyana became the head of communication of the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Under her leadership, the Binance positioning in CIS countries has strengthened, and the community has significantly grown. Currently, Tatyana not only actively leads internal and external communication but also works on promoting marketing initiatives of the platform.

Valeriya Minaeva, communications & partnerships expert at 1inch Network

Valeriya started her career in 2017 at times of the ICO boom. At the beginning of her path, she worked with centralized exchanges and consulted various clients on PR and publication in the leading financial and crypto media, such as Forbes, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Cointelegraph, Coindesk etc.

Currently, Valeriya works on partnerships and strategic communications at one of the major projects in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) – 1inch Network. The full turnover has exceeded $53 billion since its launch, and the number of active users is constantly growing and nearing 500 thousand.

Andrey Kornilov, founder at Amris Media Agency

The founder of Amris Media Agency Andrey Kornilov is not only an experienced marketing expert that helped dozens of projects to find their niche in the market but he also is active in mountain skiing and traveling. Andrey specializes in influence marketing and he helps crypto startups to promote their product, solution, or service via bloggers and other opinion leaders. Apart from being a top communications strategist, Andrey is also very talented at content creation, video production, with a focus on selling video content and a real guru at event organization. Today dozens of crypto companies from Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries are among the Amris Media Agency clients.

Marie Tatibouet, СМО at

Marie Tatubouet is leading corporate communications and marketing of the cryptocurrency exchange Gate. The expert is a frequent speaker in international and local conferences, actively communicates with Russian, European, and international media, and also develops community in Europe and CIS countries.

Tatiana Maksimenko, cofounder at IdolMe PR Agency

 Tatyana Maksimenko is unofficially being called by her colleagues in the industry the “crypto mama”, for she was among the first experts to create a PR agency that specializes in crypto and blockchain projects. Today Tatyana is the head of several crypto media, organizes crypto events and is listed among the most influential women in the cryptocurrency sector in Russia. Apart from that Tatyana invited the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to the events held in Moscow and the R3 consortium.

Dmitry Kryshtal, Marketing & Creative Lead at Supercolony

Dmitry Kryshtal is not a newbie in the cryptocurrency world. In his career, he was the CMO of the major p2p platform Bitzlato. Also, he worked in the development and promotion of several cryptocurrency startups including the first decentralized stablecoin pegged to rubble – MonolithosDAO (MakerDAO fork). Thanks to the expert’s efforts, the first rubble stablecoin became known not only in CIS countries but also in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The expert is also an author at several crypto media, shares his forecasts and recommendations for investing in crypto coins. He is a host of his own Youtube show on the S3XYBTC channel and the co-owner of the creative agency Citadel.

George Paliani, Chief of Growth & PR at CoinsPaid

George Paliani is a practicing expert in international communications and business representations. For over 10 years, he has been working on the development, promotions and investment raising for IT and crypto projects. With his help, such projects as Smart Valley, Puzzle Capital,, and others, have entered the global arena.

Currently, George works as part of the team of the ambitions and headline project CoinsPaid. During the last year, the company has grown five-fold, created the crypto ecosystem and now it improves the ecosystem, issues its own token CPD as part of the IDO and plans to present the educational news portal for a wide audience CoinsPaid Media.


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