Top 5 Energy-Efficient Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

August 30, 2021 0 Comments

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Bitcoin has been scrutinized for its heavy energy consumption all around the world, with China and few companies taking drastic measures. As most of the Bitcoin mining takes place with the help of coal power plants, the carbon footprint it leaves behind is massive.

Luckily there are several energy-efficient cryptocurrencies that can be invested in as an alternative for Bitcoin. Also, these cryptocurrencies are on the rise and make up for a great early investment opportunity. Here is a list of the top five energy-efficient cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Latinum

Bitcoin Latinum is one of the most energy-efficient cryptocurrencies that is built on the same ideology as Bitcoin. However, instead of the power-consuming Proof of Work consensus algorithm, Bitcoin Latinum utilized Proof of Stake, which requires the nodes to validate the transaction for mining new currencies.

Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) is a next-gen Bitcoin fork that is greener, faster, and safer than Bitcoin. LTNM aims to bring faster transaction speed, lower costs, and better security to several high-growth markets, including Media, Telecommunications, Gaming, and Cloud Computing.


Nano has one of the smallest energy footprints in the crypto ecosystem, of 0.000112 kWh per transaction. Nano does not rely on mining and uses a process that requires low energy that helps it to make quick transactions with no fees.

Nano is a relatively new challenger in the crypto ecosystem, which adds to its attractiveness. It is one of the ideal choices for investors looking to make quick bucks by trading and selling the coin across different markets because of its fast and no-cost transactions.


Cardano relies on mining new tokens, but it does not utilize the PoW consensus algorithm. Instead, Cardano uses an environmentally-friendly PoS model that requires only one random miner for every transaction. Cardano (ADA) is the sibling of Ethereum Network and is currently valued at $55 Billion.

While currently at a low market value, Cardano has amassed a lot of popularity and can compete with ETH itself.


Ripple is one of the greenest cryptocurrencies in the present time. Being an Altcoin, it only consumes 0.0079 kWh per transaction, one of the lowest in the entire industry. Ripple does not mine tokens but relies on a protocol that pools its network for validating transactions. If the majority agrees on the transaction’s validity, it is approved and recorded.

Hedera Hashgraph

HBAR is a new player and utilizes the same no-mining approach as Nano to offer quick transactions at low costs. While being new, the cryptocurrency has amassed support from various corporations such as Google, IBM, Boeing, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Hedera also surpassed the total daily network transactions of Ethereum by conducting 6.5 Million transactions.

These are some of the most energy-efficient cryptocurrencies available in the market today. All of these currencies have several unique advantages that investors can decide upon according to their preferences. Costly and slow transactions are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and it’s time that everyone jumps on the green wagon.


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